ReGen for Men Best Barbershops

ReGen for Men is a popular treatment for men looking to stimulate hair follicles and improve their appearance. The product is manufactured by an American company that demonstrates a passion for men’s hair. It comes as no surprise that the product is one of the best on the market. Thousands of men are leveraging its advanced formula to maintain the elasticity of hair. ReGen contains 5 percent minoxidil, which has been shown to boost hair regrowth and reverse symptoms of male pattern baldness.

Barbershops are special places for men to boost their appearance. Many discerning gentlemen look beyond the barber’s skills to the interior design and hype around the barbershop. Here are our top six barbershops in the world,  that men everywhere must visit.

1. Mark-Jason Solofa Men’s Grooming, Berkeley, CA, United States

Mark-Jason Solofa offers superior technical expertise and great customer service. Clients are treated like royalty and many locals have become regulars thanks to the unmissable feel-good factor around this shop. It is no wonder the outlet attracts celebrity clients, including high-profile NHL players.

The barber is well known for his traditionalist and minimalist approach that helps keep things simple without compromising quality results. The shop has been operating for many years and its staff is experienced professionals capable of satisfying the needs of different clients.

2. Truefitt & Hill, London, England

Truefitt & Hill is widely regarded as one of the best and oldest barbershops. The outlet is located in the heart of London and the Duke of Edinburgh is a former client. Many men are drawn to the shop thanks to its timeless appeal. The interior is characterized by dark leather fittings and the staff is dressed in professional looking uniforms. Truefitt & Hill undoubtedly exudes class and it is open to visitors from different parts of the world.

3. Ruffians, Edinburgh, Scotland

Ruffians is an award-winning barbershop with deep roots in Edinburgh. The shop boasts a stunning environment that is ideal for discerning gentlemen. It gives clients an opportunity to enjoy a more serene side of Scotland. Customers can take advantage of the advanced skills of the barbers to achieve a dapper look.

4. The Chopspot Barber Shop, Brisbane, Australia

Launched in 2015, this barbershop quickly rose to prominence thanks to great customer service and quality haircuts. It is open to clients of varying ages and melds the contemporary culture with the classical style to create a captivating experience. Clients from various parts of the world will love the Chopspot Barber Shop’s décor and friendly staff. The outlet offers a complimentary beverage.

5. Bali Barber, Bali, Indonesia

Located on an exotic island in the South Pacific, Bali Barber was founded by Desmond Koval, an expatriate from New York. The outlet boasts all the hallmarks of a world-class barbershop for gentlemen who care about their appearance. It exudes the classic American barbershop appeal, which is combined with Indonesian style. Members of the expatriate community in Bali are regular clients.

6. Absolut Barber, Quebec, Canada

Established in 1980, Absolut Barber provides a special place for men to enjoy the finest grooming service in Canada’s Quebec province. Visiting clients are sure to love the ambiance and friendly staff. Satisfied customers praise the quality of service and cuts at the shop via online reviews, which is proof of the high standards associated with the Absolut Barber.