a guide to grooming makes all the difference

The heat is climbing, the sun is out all day, and you’re busy schedule potentially just got a whole lot busier. And with a busier schedule, you might find yourself neglecting your grooming altogether.

Or you might not have one in the first place. Whatever the case may be, it’s ok to admit it hasn’t been the most important item on your list. Incorporating a new plan so your grooming is on point is still possible, and all is not lost! Though it may seem costly, or even outrageously time consuming, it’s typically not. There are great benefits to consider when implementing a grooming routine.

Figuring out where to start can be tricky sometimes, but once you’ve got a few tools up your sleeve you’ll notice that the end result was definitely worth it. Utilize these quick tricks so that when you’ve got a new business meeting or an important outing with your partner, you’ll look and feel sharp. People will notice and you’ll get to humblebrag a little.

Establish A “Hair Spot”

find a barber to up your grooming gameThis might seem like a simple bit of advice, but many people don’t see the value in this major detail. Make sure you find yourself a barber or salon that does your hair justice. You want to find a place that you can get familiar with, and that you frequent throughout the year.

If the stylist hasn’t ever gotten your hair right, it’s time to move on to the next one. You’ll build a relationship with a great barber so they can cut your hair the way you want every time. They will know what works and what doesn’t so that you’re never led astray. 

Switch Up Your Razor

shaving is the perfect way to up your grooming gameShaving commercials are constantly boasting how their new razors now have 20 blades for the smoothest shave around! And in theory, it makes sense that more blades will remove even the toughest stubble.

In reality, however, it’s better to utilize razors with fewer blades. While you are indeed shaving all those pesky beard and neck hairs, you may also be ruining your skin at the same time. If you must use your old razors, make sure not to shave with them as often and be prepared to throw them out every once and awhile.

But if you’re ready to just jump on the bandwagon, try using single blade shavers. This change won’t be costly, and you can still keep your routine the same for the most part. You also won’t be wasting additional time by simply changing your razor either. If you have sensitive skin, this is also a perfect opportunity to remove some of the pain you might be experiencing when getting too close to the surface.

Protect and Manage Your Skin

add sunscreen or lotion to up your grooming gameWhen you’re up against the elements, your skin has to work hard and may be damaged by things like wind, heat, or extreme cold. It can also be susceptible to wrinkles, fine lines, and dryness. Adding sunscreen, face cream or retinol are all fast-acting solutions to keeping your skin “in shape.” By doing so, you’re practicing preventative care so that your face stays looking fresh.

You’ll also be slowing down signs of aging, treating sun damage and hydrating skin when it can’t produce oils naturally. This step in your day or night routine will only take a few seconds. Just apply one of these options over your face so you can get on with your schedule.

Find Your Product Go-Tos

with a guide in hand, grooming because pretty easy to incorporate into your routineNo two heads of hair are the same, so one product may not work out for you as well as it works for someone else. Because of this, you’ll need to ensure you’re picking the right hair products for you. If you have curlier, courser hair then it’s best to stick with products that promote hydration.  If your hair is not as thick, it’s a good idea to pick something up with biotin, which helps to promote healthy strands.

Beard Today, Beard Tomorrow

keeping your beard in check will up your grooming gameIf you, like many men, enjoy or prefer to grow up your beard then there are a few things to keep in mind when grooming it. The most important (and often missed) step is moisturizing your beard. Just like the hair on your head, your beard needs a little TLC to stay looking, smelling and feeling clean and soft.

Found in stores like Target, Walmart or your local salon, you can add beard oil or a balm to your morning routine before you rush out the door. Sure, it can’t happen every day if you happen to wake up late but it can be incorporated in what you’re already doing. Also, remember to trim and brush your beard on a regular basis. This will promote a healthy beard and keep it at a length that’s manageable.

Road To Grooming Victory

this grooming guide will set you towards the right path of looking greatThere’s no better time to change the way you approach grooming. It can be something we easily put on the back burner, leaving it unattended for long periods of time. But if you want to see how these basic proactive actions create a difference, then try them out. Most often than not you’ve been holding back because you think it might take a long time to accomplish all of these things.

The trick is to only do one or two of them every day when it calls for it. Or, try to attempt each trick throughout your whole week. It might be more realistic that way. But by being more consistent, you’ll find that these game changers become easier over time. You’ll reinvent your current routine and people will certainly notice the difference.