hair mistakes can happen easily for men if they don't pay attention

When it comes to hair care, women aren’t the only ones who make mistakes. If hair care isn’t a man’s forte, despite his best efforts, it’s easy to get it wrong. By learning more about hair care and hair care products, men can make smart grooming decisions that will greatly enhance their appearance. Here are some of the most common hair mistakes men make that can cause them unnecessary problems.

Don’t Overwash

overwashing can cause a lot of problems for men's hairMen tend to wash their hair too often, causing it to become dry and brittle. If you’re washing more than two to three times a week, you risk losing essential oils that your scalp and hair need to stay healthy and strong.

It’s not necessary to shampoo your hair every time you shower. A simple hair rinse may suffice in between shampooing. Washing with conditioner will also cleanse your hair in between shampooing without stripping it of natural oils.

2-in-1 Shampoo Isn’t As Convenient As You’d Think

Quite a few men are drawn to 2 in 1 hair care products, thinking they’re saving time and money. Two-in-one products, however, aren’t all that they’re cut out to be. Shampoo and conditioner play distinct roles in hair care. Shampoo opens up hair cuticles to remove dirt and grime and leave hair and scalp clean. Conditioners are designed to hydrate hair, closing up hair cuticles in the process to keep moisture in. Combining these two agents in one product can leave your hair looking dull and unhealthy.

By investing in a quality shampoo and conditioner that complements your hair type, you can get the most from what each has to offer. Long, textured hair, in particular, can benefit from the extra hydration that a quality conditioner can provide to leave locks soft, smooth and polished.

Applying Product To Wet Hair

putting product in hair while it's wet is a big hair mistake men makeUsing hair products correctly is key to getting the results you desire. Some products cannot be applied to wet hair as the water in your hair will dilute the product, making it of none effect in detangling or smoothing unruly locks.

Before applying any hair product, it’s important to read the instructions to ensure you’re using it appropriately. You may need to towel dry or blow-dry your hair before applying. Used correctly, hair products are more likely to give you positive results.


Getting the Wrong Cut

Finding the right barbershop or salon can already take up a lot of time. But getting a bad cut can really cause chaos, especially when you’re trying to strengthen or regrow hair.

Men’s hairstyles are not one size fits all. Working with a good barber or hair stylist is essential to getting a quality cut that suits your preference and personality. Hair trends come and go. Rather than go with the flow, men should consider styles that complement their features, meet their personal preference and suit their lifestyle.


try not to overstyle which is a big mistake many men make with their hairBelieve it or not, there is such a thing as overdoing it when it comes to hair care. By adopting the mantra that “less is best,” you’ll probably hit the mark in the use of hair products. Too much gel, mousse or spray can leave your hair looking (and feeling) rigid and unnatural. It can even cause you to lose hair overtime. By being selective in the products you buy and using them sparingly, you’ll get more for your money with awesome results.

These tips can help you enjoy healthy, attractive locks that are easy to care for and fun to style. ReGen for Men hair products can contribute to making you look and feel your absolute best.