Apr 13, 2018

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Five Ways To Protect Your Head, Scalp During Summer Months

Scalp Protection ReGen for Men

At a time when the sun is a clear and present danger due to skin cancer fears, it is good to know that there are ways to protect your head and scalp this summer. In fact, each of these five tips offer proven best practices for preventing sunburn of the scalp. As you utilize ReGen for Men to help regrow your head, it is important to protect your scalp from the sun.

Again, there are many tips on how to protect your skin from over exposure to sunshine and dangerous UV radiation. Because the sun is the main source of light for us on planet Earth, there are serious health concerns about the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation that is known to be a major cause of skin cancer and sun spots to the scal. Thus, there are plenty of doctors and other health experts sharing views about how to keep one’s head protection from not only UV rays, but also from melanoma skin cancer. Here are some tips for protecting your scalp this summer.

Wearing Hats and Skull Caps

The great thing about wearing a hat or even a trendy skull cap is that wearing a hat is both fashionable and a proven sunshine fighter. There are a wide range of hats and caps that are perfect for males, females, and children wanting to avoid too much sunshine. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends wearing a wide-brimmed hat (3 inches or greater).

Using Sunscreen to Protect the Scalp

The act of sloping on sunscreen may sound easy and practical given how strong the sun seems today in 2018. Applying sunscreen is considered to be job #1 for all people who plan on being outside in the sun for any length of time. While all sunscreens are not made alike, the recommendation for protecting the scalp from cancer causing rays is to use high-protection or broad-spectrum strength sunscreen products for true peace of mind outside.

Sun Fighting Umbrellas

The bright star in the sky is the sun and one of the most effective ways and means to fight the sun’s damaging light is to use a proper “sun-fighting” umbrella when sitting outside. Because of powerful ultraviolet (UV) radiation coming from the sun’s light, doctors say a practical cancer prevention strategy to protect one’s scalp is to use an outdoor umbrella that blocks the sun’s UV radiation. Doctors and other health experts think the use of an umbrella outdoors is a “no-brainer” because this sun-fighting device produces needed shade so as to keep sunshine off one’s head.

Avoid the Sun During Prime Hours

There are many fishermen who say one of the main reasons they get up and go fishing early in the day is because “the sun is far less bright and powerful in the early morning and late in the day.” This knowledge about the sun and when it’s dangerous to be outside is a practical option for those people fearing overexposure to the sun’s cancer-causing UV rays that are at its worst at mid-day and in the hot and sunny afternoon. If possible avoid being out in the direct sunlight without protection between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm.

Avoid Chlorine

There are many fun-in-the-sun fans who avoid chlorine treated swimming pools because they fear their scalp will be overexposed to damaging UV rays. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warn how chlorinated water actually attracts dangerous sun rays. The CDC urges all swimming pool fans to avoid cancer causing sun damage of their scalp by using sunscreen, using a hat, sitting under an umbrella and most especially using waterproof sunscreen with a protective factor of 15 or more if they are enjoying a chlorine watered swimming pool this summer season.

Overall, there are many proven best ways to fight skin cancer. Following these five steps will help prevent scalp burn and keep you on your journey to happy, healthy hair.