Jan 4, 2018

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3 Signs You May Be Balding

Balding Signs ReGen for Men

Many men begin to lose their hair as they age, but this does not mean that you need to accept your hair loss. Many remedies, including ReGen for Men, effectively regrow hair. This is especially true if you catch your hair loss early enough, so you should be vigilant about your hairline. Here are three tell-tale signs that the time for action is now.

1. Finding Hair Where You Shouldn’t

The first and most obvious way to discover that you are losing your hair is to frequently discover large clumps of it where you shouldn’t find any. If you leave a bunch of your hair behind every time you wash your hair in the shower, that’s a bad sign.

This is also true if a lot of hair gets stuck in your comb whenever you brush your hair. If you suspect that you may have a problem, try completely cleaning the hair out of your brush and then closely monitoring how much of your hair gets stuck in it for a few weeks. If it fills up with follicles quickly, consider trying a product such as ReGen for Men.

2. The Appearance Test

Another easy way to discover that you may be balding is to notice a thinning hairline. Dig up some old pictures of when you definitely had a full head of hair and compare them to your current appearance. The area right in front of your hairline is the easiest spot to notice a difference, so focus your investigation there.

Alternatively, you could focus your search on the crown of your head. Hair loss often originates from this point, making it the ideal spot to catch it early. You cannot naturally see the crown of your head, so try standing in front of a large mirror while holding a smaller mirror in your hand. Turn your back to the large mirror and then move the small mirror around until you can clearly see the back of your head. If you can see flesh color, it’s time for ReGen for Men.

3. Increased Sensitivity To The Elements

Hair serves as a natural buffer against sunburns in the summer and cold weather in the winter, so you could be balding if you notice that you burn more easily or feel colder when you step outside, respectively. This is probably the most inexact suggestion on this list, but also the most pragmatic. If your hair loss is actively hindering you whenever you step outside, you’ll gain added incentive to try ReGen for Men.

What You Can Do To Stop And Reverse Hair Loss

The best way to reverse hair loss is a product such as ReGen for Men. The active ingredient in ReGen for Men is Minoxidil, a compound discovered in the 1950s clinically proven to help hair follicles exit their resting phase (telogen) in favor of a more active one (anagen). The results are often comparable to surgeries or more expensive hair loss solutions without the pain and expense!

You can purchase ReGen for Men exclusively on its manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer is so confident in their product that they are offering a free trial, making now the best possible time to start regrowing your lost hair! You can also learn more about ReGen for Men and get more hair care tips by following us on Twitter.