Jun 7, 2017

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ReGen For Men Featured On MomSkoop.com

ReGen for Men MomSkoop Review

ReGen for Men is a clinically proven treatment that works to reverse male pattern baldness and is a practical solution for anyone whose hairline is receding. Reviews for the product appear on many websites, including MomSkoop.com. Many users experienced positive results. This is due to the product’s advanced formula that incorporates the active ingredient, minoxidil.

The ReGen review that MomSkoop.com features introduce readers to the hair loss treatment. It also outlines how it works and benefits users. The author underlines the need to restore youthful looks by reversing male pattern baldness. The review also highlights the value of buying the product for a loved one because it is a perfect gift for special occasions, such as Father’s Day. ReGen restores any men’s confidence and physical appearance.

The solution is available to buyers as an over-the-counter product that helps users deal with androgenetic alopecia. It contains 5 percent minoxidil. This is ideal for reversing male pattern hair loss. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that the active ingredients are a safe and effective solution for alopecia.

How ReGen works

The review provides a clear explanation of how the ReGen reverses hair loss, including that the product works by stimulating hair follicles to exit the resting phase (otherwise known as Telogen). This ensures that the follicles shift to the active growth phase or Anagen. Baldness affects older men in part because their hair follicles spend more time in the resting phase than Anagen.

As a result, hair thinning rapidly takes effect leading to significant loss of hair. The author makes an effort to inform readers that many products on the market tend to provide the temporary illusion of recovery. Yet, only minoxidil, which ReGen for Men uses, is proven to combat hair loss effectively, with some poor quality formulas watering down the formula and containing harmful chemicals. This compromises safety.

ReGen by Follinique provides equal parts quality, effectiveness, and safety. This makes it easier for users to enjoy peace of mind ensuring a positive outcome.

What kind of results?

MomSkoop.com points to a recent study, which shows that 65 percent of men who use ReGen successfully, increased or maintained their hair count. This followed four months of taking the product. Of the 65 percent citing positive outcomes, 54 percent experienced significant hair regrowth. The remainder managed to stabilize the state of their hair with some noticing some degree of regrowth.