May 5, 2017

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ReGen for Men Featured on Nasdaq

ReGen for Men Facebook Page Picked up by Nasdaq

ReGen for Men is a surgery-free, all-natural, over-the-counter (OTC) hair loss treatment for men (and women) that works to treat alopecia. This will reverse the symptoms of hair loss with continual use. Since arriving on the market, ReGen for Men is taking the beauty and cosmetics world by storm. The product is receiving rave reviews from independent rave reviews to the press. The latest in the ReGen for Men media frenzy comes by way of the announcement of the Facebook page launch. This Press Release is receiving coverage from numerous media outlets including Nasdaq.

ReGen for Men on Facebook: A New Kind of Customer Relationship

The latest Press Releases outlines that the Facebook Page provides ReGen for Men’s customers with the following:

– The latest product information
– An easy (and quick) way to get customer support
– Increased exposure

ReGen for Men manufacturer, Follinique, is able to reach both their existing customer base through this Facebook page, as well as, reach a new customer base by having their existing customers engage and share content on the page to other friends. The latter highlights all the benefits of word of mouth marketing, which is arguably the most effective marketing tool.

About the Media Outlets that Picked Up the ReGen for Men Press Release

The ReGen for Men Facebook Page press release has been picked up by some of the largest business news and media outlets in the country and around the world, including:

CEO World
AZ Central
Morning News
– CBS Affiliate New stations
– FOX Affiliate News stations
– ABC Affiliate News stations

and more! From newspapers and tribunals to blogs and television outlets, the ReGen for Men Facebook Launch Press Release is receiving coverage in more than 140 different outlets! This is great exposure for ReGen for Men and for the new Facebook Page.

More About Nasdaq

One of the prestigious outlets to carry the press release is Nasdaq. Nasdaq is a publicly traded company and global provider of a portfolio of solutions that help businesses to plan, optimize and execute, in order to achieve their business goals. Nasdaq’s areas of service include clearing, trading, listing, exchange technology, information and public company services. The organization’s aim, through their services options, is to provide customers and the public with the information on the latest market-leading products and technology offerings.